Should I give a statement to the insurance company?

insurance company statement

Have you been injured in a Baton Rouge car wreck or big rig wreck? If so, you likely have auto repair and medical bills piling up, lost wages and a lot of stress. Add to that the fact that the insurance companies are probably ringing your phone off the hook wanting you to make an […]

What to do if you are injured offshore

offshore injuries

As any maritime attorney or offshore worker will tell you, working offshore is a dangerous job. Not only are you dealing with the harsh conditions of the Gulf, you are also surrounded by large pieces of heavy machinery. With all the moving parts on an oil rig or a shipping boat, and the orchestration required […]

If I’m injured in an accident, how will my medical bills be paid?

Workers Compensation

If you were injured in a car accident in Baton Rouge that someone else caused, the hospital and doctors have probably wasted no time in sending you medical bills. And as these bills have come piling in, you’re probably wondering, “Who’s going to pay for these?” After all, hospital and doctor co-pays are expensive and […]

How soon after I get in to an accident should I contact an attorney?

Rideshare Accident

If you’ve been the victim of someone’s careless driving, and were injured or had your vehicle seriously damaged in a Baton Rouge car accident, you probably have lots of questions. You might be wondering at what point you need to get a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney involved. After all, we all remember the process we’re […]

How is a Wreck With an 18-Wheeler Different than a Regular Car Accident?

truck accident

I want to talk to you today about how a wreck with an 18 wheeler is different than a regular car accident. Now there are some obvious similarities in that both happen on the road, both involve a vehicle. But there’s some important distinctions that can affect the outcome of your case. One distinction is […]

Do I Have to Use the Body Shop the Insurance Company Wants me to Use?

body shop

If you’re in a car wreck in Louisiana, and have damages to your car, the insurance company of the at-fault party may be telling you to go to a specific body shop that they contract with, saying that you’ll get “preferred service” through them. But what if you already know of a reputable body shop […]

What should I do if I’m injured using a defective product?

defective product injury

You hear about them on the news, and see warning posts about them on social media all the time; products being recalled because they’re defective and dangerous, and have injured (and unfortunately sometimes even resulted in the deaths of) some of their users. In fact, every year defective and dangerous products injure Baton Rouge residents, […]

What is a Premises liability case?

While you may not have known the legal name of a premises liability case, you read about these types of situations in the news all the time. Someone is at a store with wet a floor that isn’t marked, slips and falls, and is hurt. A dog bites a neighbor’s child while she is visiting […]