Important Tips for Driving in School Zones in Louisiana

School Zone Accident

With the school year underway and the holidays just around the corner, it is imperative that drivers learn and understand the rules and regulations that govern school zones. Drivers can become easily distracted by a number of different things while driving. Cell phones, GPS, and even energetic passengers can pull a driver’s attention away from […]

Louisiana Truck Accidents Caused By Errors Other Than Negligent Driving

Truck Accident

Every day, around 7,000 people are injured in car accidents across the United States. Serious injuries can cause victims to lose employment and can cost thousands of dollars in medical bills and insurance bills. A truck accident is no different.  A regular four-door vehicle weighs about 3,000 pounds, while a semi-truck or tractor-trailer can weigh […]

What to Do if You’ve Been in a Rideshare Accident in Louisiana

Rideshare Accident

Rideshare services have a number of positive impacts on society and the environment. The Governor of Louisiana just recently passed a bill to build a framework for rideshare services statewide. The bill will help to lower the rate of drivers operating vehicles while under the influence, and also will implement connections between residents and visitors […]

How To Be Successful In Your Louisiana Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury lawyer

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another person or entity, you can file a personal injury claim to win compensation for medical bills, treatment, and other post-accident expenses.  When you decide to file a personal injury claim in Louisiana, it is important that you follow the correct procedures. […]

Can I Receive Compensation For Lost Wages Due To An Injury?

Workers Compensation

Life after an accident can be frustrating and stressful. In serious cases, it is not unusual for accident victims to suffer life-altering injuries that prevent them from returning to work or acquiring new work. If this is the case, victims can incur exorbitant financial debts that they are unable to pay off.  If you have […]

Tips For Riding A Bike In Louisiana

bicycle riding in Lousiana

Many people are using bicycles to get around these days because it is good for your health as well as great for the environment. Biking allows you to take enjoyment from the outdoors and be healthy. However, you still have to be careful and safe on the road. When you mix bicycling with a busy […]

Can I Wear Headphones While I Am Behind The Wheel In Louisiana?

headphones in lousiana

Automobile accidents are all too common. When a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle is hurt due to another driver’s carelessness, that party should be accountable and liable. Oftentimes, these vehicular accidents take place because the person behind the wheel was distracted while driving. Driving while distracted is a huge cause of auto accidents […]

Differences Between Car And Truck Collisions in Louisiana

Truck Accident

Crashes that involve two or more automobiles are very distinct from crashes that involve both automobiles and trucks. Collisions that involve commercial trucks and other big vehicles can often prove fatal for people who are in the smaller vehicle. When they don’t lead to fatalities, they often cause serious injuries. A regular-sized commercial truck is […]

What To Do After Getting In Bicycle Accident In Louisiana

bicycle riding in Lousiana

Riding a bike is not only a lot of fun but it’s a great physical activity. There are also lots of people who ride a bike as an economical option to costly gas-guzzling automobiles. Riding a bike has lots of benefits rather than driving a car, but it can be risky. Bicycle collisions take place […]