How Does Divorce in a Covenant Marriage Work

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Divorce is never easy or pleasant. Aside from the emotional toll that a break-up entails, there are legal matters that need to be considered and fulfilled before a couple can obtain a dissolution of their marriage. Although some divorces can be less complicated than others, divorce proceedings, in general, are filled with complex requirements that require the assistance and guidance of a divorce lawyer. 

How Long Does an Insurance Company Have to Property Damage Claims?

Getting involved in a car accident is an awful event because of the property damage and physical and emotional injuries involved and the time-consuming act of dealing with insurance companies while having to deal with the other repercussions of the accident. One of the first concerns many people have is who will they get their car fixed or replaced.

What is the Difference Between a 102 and a 103 Divorce in Louisiana?

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Pursuing a divorce action in Louisiana generally begins with determining whether to invoke Louisiana Civil Code 102 or 103. Although both divorce basis shares specific requirements, they greatly vary in detailed proof, conditions, and procedures. Thus, it is vital to understand what each divorce type entails, the similarities, and their differences to better determine which of the two applies in your situation.