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Can I Wear Headphones While I Am Behind The Wheel In Louisiana?

Automobile accidents are all too common. When a driver or passenger in a motor vehicle is hurt due to another driver’s carelessness, that party should be accountable and liable.

Oftentimes, these vehicular accidents take place because the person behind the wheel was distracted while driving. Driving while distracted is a huge cause of auto accidents because so many things are considered “distracted driving.” For example, text messaging or chatting on your phone is though of as distracted driving. Additionally, eating something or fiddling with your radio station is also distracted driving.

Using Headphones While Driving

One issue that is not usually seen as unsafe while behind the wheel is using headphones or earbuds. Some people use these items for listening to music while they are driving. Other people use them as a means to speak to someone on the phone while driving because it allows them to concentrate on the road. However, using headphones or earbuds while on the road is against the law in Louisiana. This law is meant to protect drivers on the street from other drivers who cannot hear what is near them. For example, a driver should hear another person honking when there is an emergency. You also need to be able to hear emergency vehicles and their sirens so you can get out of the way.

There are several instances where a Louisiana driver needs to be able to be aware of the area around them. Even people on bicycles and pedestrians on the road need to think twice before walking or cycling with earbuds, preventing them from hearing what is around them. The power to be aware of approaching vehicles can prevent a severe or even life-threatening accident.

Roadway safety is vital. A few seconds of distraction may lead to a serious accident.

You Need An Accident Lawyer In Louisiana

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