Schedule I Drug Charges in Louisiana

Today we’re going to be talking about a schedule 1 charge in Louisiana. So in Louisiana there are five drug schedules. These are found at Louisiana Revised Statute 40:963 and there’s a link in the description. This video is about possession and possession with intent a schedule 1. Now the list of schedules are found […]

Suspended and Deferred Sentences in Louisiana

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A misdemeanor or a felony conviction on your record may pose serious disadvantages in a person’s life since a conviction would show on any background check conducted in your name. Generally, a conviction can limit an individual’s ability to obtain specific licenses, job eligibility, housing opportunities, or receive public assistance. As unfortunate as it is, […]

All About Louisiana Drug Court Programs

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The Louisiana legislature has created the Drug Diversion Probation Program, commonly referred to as Drug Court. Under the statute, district courts operate and provide for drug and alcohol treatment programs through drug diversions. Essentially, the drug court’s goal is curtailing crimes attributed to drugs and alcohol.

All About Pre-Trial Intervention Programs

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The pretrial diversion program is also known as pretrial intervention or DA probation. This program allows first-time offenders of non-violent charges to get their charges dismissed and avoid serving jail or prison time under certain conditions.

Sentences for Domestic Violence Charges in Louisiana

Domestic Violence

Sentences for a domestic violence conviction in Louisiana can include fines, jail time, probation, court-ordered classes, and community service and can have other lasting effects such as restrictions on the right own a firearm. In Louisiana domestic abuse can be a felony or misdemeanor depending on the circumstances involved in the abuse and whether the defendant has prior convictions for the same charge. 

Eye Witness Identification

Eye Witness

Eye Witness Testimony is a piece of testimonial evidence given by a witness based on their firsthand account of the crime. This testimony must be solely based on what they had personally observed and relevant and valuable to the investigation or proceeding.

Are Domestic Violence Charges Felony or Misdemeanor in Louisiana?

Domestic Violence

Due to the nature of the alleged crime, law enforcement officials often arrest an accused even before a proper investigation is done. This is often problematic since an accurate investigation is necessary to determine whether a crime has indeed occurred and the person charged has committed such a crime.

Is DUI/DWI a Felony or Misdemeanor in Louisiana?


In Louisiana, DUI/DWI offenses are categorized between felony and misdemeanor DUI/DWI. First and second DUI/DWI offenses are classified as misdemeanor charges, while a third or more DUI/DWIs are charged as a felony.

Robbery Charges in Louisiana

All Robbery Charges in Louisiana are crimes of violence and that is very important because being convicted of a crime of violence affects how you get good time credit and it also affects where you actually do your time.

Bench Warrants and Failure to Appear

Bench Warrant

If you miss your criminal court appearance in Louisiana, the court will likely issue a warrant for your arrest. This is commonly called a bench warrant because it’s issued by the judge while sitting at his desk in the courtroom, which is also known as the “bench”.  Missing court may also be called a “failure to appear” or “FTA” for short.