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Differences Between Car And Truck Collisions in Louisiana

Crashes that involve two or more automobiles are very distinct from crashes that involve both automobiles and trucks. Collisions that involve commercial trucks and other big vehicles can often prove fatal for people who are in the smaller vehicle. When they don’t lead to fatalities, they often cause serious injuries.

A regular-sized commercial truck is about 20 to 30 times bigger than the typical passenger automobile, with a ground clearance that is just high enough for a passenger vehicle to move under the truck. Even when moving at a slow speed, the sheer weight and the size disparity between the different kinds of vehicles on the road often leads to severe injuries and even fatalities.

How Are Accidents With A Semi-Truck Different From Other Collisions?

Here are some of the differences between an accident with a truck and an accident with a passenger vehicle.

How serious the injuries are.

Truck accidents often lead to severe injuries or fatalities. Even a slow-speed collision with a semi-truck can lead to both emergency care and long-term issues, and sometimes a full return to health is not possible. Unfortunately, many accident victims of collisions with commercial trucks have to deal with physical, emotional, and financial burdens from their injuries for the rest of their lives.

The accident is very complex.

Collisions that involve automobiles and semi-trucks can be more complicated for several reasons. The laws that regulate semi-trucks are very particular and having knowledge of the regulations is vital for a case that puts liability on the truck driver and the company that he or she works for.

What caused the accident.

There are numerous factors that are at play when a semi-truck gets in an accident. Often these things–the speed driving at, the distance following, the driver getting enough sleep, and not driving under the influence–are the driver’s responsibility. However, other factors like the weight or size of the items loaded on the truck, any safety equipment, and the trucker’s work schedule do not make the driver liable. To attain compensation, the cause of the collision needs to be brought to light.

How many people are involved?

Even if a collision is between only one vehicle and one commercial truck, there may be multiple people involved in the liability case. Truck accident liability doesn’t always lie with the semi-truck driver, even if he or she may seem to be to at fault. Issues like ridiculous schedules, loads that are not secured, or failure of equipment can lead to responsibility for people who are nowhere near the accident scene.

It’s hard to gain compensation.

Trucking businesses and semi-truck drivers often insurance companies and attorneys to lessen their liability after an accident. If you do not have similar help, you may not get proper compensation.

You Need An Accident Lawyer In Louisiana

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