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How soon after I get in to an accident should I contact an attorney?

If you’ve been the victim of someone’s careless driving, and were injured or had your vehicle seriously damaged in a Baton Rouge car accident, you probably have lots of questions. You might be wondering at what point you need to get a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney involved. After all, we all remember the process we’re supposed to follow from driver’s education class; if you’re in a Baton Rouge car accident, you exchange information with the other party, then call your insurance company to report the wreck, right? Well, unfortunately, that’s wrong.

If you’re in a car accident, your first call should be to 911 to get any medical assistance that may be necessary, and to get the much-needed police report to document what happened in the wreck. Even if the accident seems just like a minor fender bender, you should always get a police report – always. After your medical injuries have been treated, if any were sustained, your second call should be to a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney like myself.

When you contact a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney like myself for a free consultation, I’ll listen to your account of what happened in the car wreck and ask you important questions to get a better understanding of who was at fault, and who should be paying your medical and vehicle repair bills. I’ll also be able to get a better sense of just how likely it is that the other party will provide an honest account of what happened in the car accident, which is especially important if you didn’t get a police report.

Driving, not to mention car accidents, can make people emotional. Sometimes, a car accident is the result of road rage, and you must deal with another driver who is heated and angry and may try to blame you for the wreck, even if you were following the rules of the road. Other times, even if a car accident was just that – a simple accident – the involved parties may be so upset that they cause a scene.

Most Baton Rouge car accidents happen between strangers. And even if the other party of a car accident seems like a nice person while you are exchanging information and reporting the incidents of the wreck to the police, you never know just how honest – or dishonest – that person is actually going to be. Unfortunately, not everyone tells the truth, and some people involved in Baton Rouge car accidents will lie about what happened, try to pass on pre-existing damages to their vehicle as having been caused by your wreck, or claim to be more injured than they actually are.

As a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney, I’ve seen it all and I know the steps to take to protect you during your accident claims process, and to get your vehicle and medical bills paid. First, I’ll call the insurance companies for you to report the accident, and I’ll never let the insurance companies pressure you into making a recorded statement of the accident – something car insurance companies like to do to try to “catch” you on tape making conflicting statements about what happened in the accident to try to “prove” that you are lying or at fault. I’ll also review every document that the insurance companies send you to make sure it’s safe to sign, and fight for you to get as much compensation for your injuries, vehicle damages, and pain and suffering as possible.

So remember, if you’re in a Baton Rouge car accident, your first call should be to 911. Your next call should be to me, Rusty Messer, at (225) 963-9638.

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