School Zone Accident
Important Tips for Driving in School Zones in Louisiana

With the school year underway and the holidays just around the corner, it is imperative that drivers learn and understand the rules and regulations that govern school zones. Drivers can become easily distracted by a number of different things while driving. Cell phones, GPS, and even energetic passengers can pull a driver’s attention away from the road and cause an accident. 

School zones have a restricted speed limit that comes into effect during the hours that school is starting and letting out. This limit also often applies when children are present. Following limits is important for the safety of the children and also the drivers. 

If you or someone you love has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in a school zone that was caused by a reckless or negligent driver, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our Louisiana personal injury attorney today to speak with a representative about your legal options. 

Distracted Driving Accidents in Louisiana

Distracted driving kills a large number of adults and children each year. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a total of 3,166 fatalities in 2017 alone. Distracted driving can cause even bigger problems when it occurs in a school zone. With the increased number of children walking and running around, drivers need to take extra care to focus and drive cautiously. 

How to Drive Safe in a Louisiana School Zone

The Transportation Research Board stated that over 100 children are killed annually while walking to or from school and another 25,000 were injured. These tragedies can be prevented if drivers follow school zone restrictions and the following safe driving tips: 

Obey the Speed Limits
This may seem self-explanatory but one of the main causes of school zone car accidents is speeding. Louisiana law sets the standard speed limit for school zones at 20 MPH.
Avoid Distracted Driving

Countless deaths and injuries are caused by distracted drivers. Accidents can be avoided by putting away cell phones, turning off the radio, and focusing on following the school zone traffic regulations. 

Be Mindful of Busses and Crossing Guards
In school zones it is important to remember that busses and crossing guards have the right away and this is strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the students and even teachers.

These tips can help drivers to avoid accidents and keep children safe. Being aware and cautious of pedestrians and the flow of traffic can help to protect innocent lives. If you have been injured in an accident and are unsure of what to do next, our Louisiana personal injury law firm can help.

Contacting a Louisiana Personal Injury Attorney After an Accident

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