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The Differences Between Truck And Car Accidents In Louisiana

Collisions that involve two or more passenger automobiles are very different than accidents that involve a passenger automobile and a truck. Accidents that involve semi-trucks and other huge commercial vehicles often lead to fatalities for the people in the automobiles. And even when they don’t lead to death, they often cause much more grievous injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle. When we think about how long can injury cases take, it totally depends upon injury’s depth and also property damage.

An average commercial truck outweighs an average passenger vehicle by 20 to 30 times and has a ground clearance that is just high enough to where a smaller car is able to slide below it. Even when traveling at slow speeds, these weight and size differences between a truck and a passenger vehicle can cause serious injury or fatalities. Have you have been injured in an accident with a semi-truck? Our Louisiana truck accident attorneys can assist you.

How Are Truck Accidents Dissimilar To Other Car Accidents?

Here are some of the largest differences between a truck accident and a passenger vehicle accident.

  1. The impact of the injuries sustained. Truck accidents usually cause serious or even fatal injury. Even at low-speed, an accident with a commercial vehicle can cause emergency as well as long-term medical care. Unfortunately, victims of truck accidents often have to deal with emotional, physical, and financial issues regarding their injuries for the rest of their lives. In such cases, it is a good idea to consult Plymouth injury lawyers for hire, who will help you legally and help you recover the compensation for the injury and damage caused.
  2. The accidents are complex. Accidents that involve both cars and trucks can be more complex for several reasons. There are laws that regulate commercial trucking and they are extremely specific. Awareness of these laws is vital to building a case which determines liability on the truck driver, the company that he or she works for, or even another party.
  3. The cause of the accident. There are many ways things can go wrong while driving in a semi-truck. Some factors that are the driver’s responsibility include: speeding, the following distance, getting enough sleep, and not driving under the influence. Other causes, like the weight and size of the truck’s cargo, any safety equipment, and a reasonable schedule are not the driver’s responsibility. In order to gain fair compensation, the cause of the accident needs to be investigated and determined.
  4. How many people are involved? Even if the accident involves just one car and just one semi-truck, there may be multiple parties involved. Truck accident liability does not always rest on the truck driver, even when he or she may be obvious to blame for the incident. Issues like schedules, loads that are poorly secured, and equipment breakdown can end up being the responsibility of people who are nowhere near the scene of the collision.
  5. Securing compensation is difficult. Trucking companies, as well as their drivers, often retain attorneys as well as insurance companies that work to lessen their liability after an accident. If you do have the same kind of protection, you will likely not see the compensation your injuries deserve.
You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer In Louisiana

The truck accident lawyers at Big River Trial Attorneys understand how to look into commercial vehicle crashes to help determine the cause. This information lets us build a case to gain compensation for a victim in a passenger vehicle. Without a lawyer, you are at the mercy of lawyers and insurance companies who represent the truck driver.

If you have been injured in an accident in Louisiana, Big River Trial Attorneys will help. Our experienced attorneys have the experience to handle every case. It is vital to call a Louisiana accident attorney after your accident. Your attorney can then put together evidence in your case and work to make sure you get the compensation that you deserve. The negligent party is responsible for your medical bills and other damages like lost wages, pain, and suffering. The sooner you hire a lawyer, the more likely you are to get a fair settlement.

Call us at (225) 963-9638 or contact us to discuss your case and your injuries, and learn about any compensation that you could be entitled to. With the help of Big River Trial Attorneys, you or your loved one will get the help you need. Don’t wait, contact us today.

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