bicycle riding in Lousiana
Tips For Riding A Bike In Louisiana

Many people are using bicycles to get around these days because it is good for your health as well as great for the environment. Biking allows you to take enjoyment from the outdoors and be healthy. However, you still have to be careful and safe on the road.

When you mix bicycling with a busy street, it can be dangerous. Here are some ways to stay safe.

Staying Safe On A Bike

Always use a helmet. Even though it’s not a law for riders in Louisiana who are over 12 years of age to wear a helmet on a bike, it’s a smart idea to put on a helmet whenever you operate a bike.

Why don’t people wear helmets despite the risks? Cost is one reason. Helmets can be expensive. Comfort is another reason because helmets can be uncomfortable and don’t always fit well.

Bikers need to understand laws on the road and inform themselves of bike hand signals.  Bicyclists have to follow the same rules as people in cars when they are on a busy street. Bicycles move at a slower pace than automobiles while in traffic and so cyclists need to be observant of their environment to prevent accidents. Because bikes don’t have turn signal, drivers will not know when bikers are making a turn. This is why it’s vital for cyclists to use hand signals.

If it is possible, use a designated bike lane. These lanes let bikers stay away from busy traffic.

Wear reflective clothing that is highly visible. Automobile drivers may not be able to see cyclists because they are small and they move slowly as compared to cars. This is why it’s vital for riders to put on bright and reflective clothing so that other drivers can see you.

Never ride against the flow of traffic. Doing this reduces the chance of a deadly head-on collision.

Make Sure You Are Alert

Be aware of your environment and know the area. It’s always safer when biking to know the area you are in. This is even more important in high-traffic areas where there other automobiles and pedestrians around.

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