Scaffolding accidents can occur in industrial workplaces and on construction sites due to a number of causes. Accidents such as being struck by objects falling from above or a leg falling through a plank, but the worker being saved by a harness are just a few of these. Scaffolding accidents have many different causes. Below, our Baton Rouge industrial accident lawyer explains some of the most common of these.

Safety Regulations Disregarded by Construction Firms and Builders

When construction firms and builders do not comply with safety regulations, a serious scaffolding accident can occur. Scaffolding can be overloaded, or positioned too closely to dangerous sources of energy, which results in catastrophic accidents that have tragic results. Builders, contractors, and subcontractors all have a duty to ensure they are properly complying with all applicable safety regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has outlined extensive scaffolding safety criteria.

Inadequate Training of Workers

Erecting and building scaffolding requires specific training. Workers who are responsible for building scaffolding should receive specific training about the proper safety regulations and techniques for the specific type of scaffolding they are erecting. Workers who build scaffolding should also receive training about the specific dangers involved. According to the OSHA, insufficient fall protection training is among the top ten safety violations.

Defective Scaffolding

Scaffolding is considered to be defective if it is improperly designed, was poorly manufactured, or was not properly designed. For example, if the steel tubing was compromised or the scaffolding lacked appropriate bracing, that could be deemed defective. When a company creates, produces, or sells defective scaffolding, it can be held liable for any accident that causes an injury as a result.

Poor Construction and Design of Scaffolding

Even when scaffolding is not defective, it must still be built correctly in order for it to be safe to use. A leading cause of scaffolding accidents is the improper construction of the structure. This is avoidable when the right supervision and information are present. For example, failing to securely fasten all braces and attachment points is an easily preventable cause of scaffolding accidents. The company or supervisor who was responsible for building the scaffolding can be held liable if it was not constructed properly.

Poor Scaffolding Maintenance

The structural integrity of scaffolding must be protected with proper maintenance. Scaffolding that is older eventually needs replacement. Insufficient maintenance can also result in slippery surfaces and other safety hazards that can cause life-threatening injuries.

Improper Planking

Planking is an important part of scaffolding. The planks are the surface on which the workers stand and equipment is placed. Planking must be strong and maintained properly to ensure workers are kept safe. If it is not, workers may be at risk of falling. When posts, frames, pump jacks, mast climbers, and other parts of a plank are defective or not properly maintained, workers will suffer serious injuries.

Lack of Safety Equipment

Even when scaffolding is properly constructed, erected, and maintained, a serious accident can still occur if workers do not have sufficient safety equipment. For example, workers must wear harnesses while working on scaffolding. A harness protects workers if they fall and can prevent serious injuries such as head trauma, broken bones, and even wrongful death.

Lack of Protection From Falling Objects

It is not only falls that can harm workers on scaffolding. Falling objects from above can also cause serious harm. To prevent this from happening, scaffolding should be covered so employees are not struck by falling equipment, building debris, and other safety hazards.

Working Alongside Negligent Employees

Working with employees who lack experience or training or simply do not take safety concerns seriously can cause serious accidents. When working on scaffolding, negligent actions can result in repercussions that are particularly severe. When a negligent employee’s actions cause a scaffolding accident, their employer may be held completely liable for any injuries caused.

Our Industrial Accident Lawyer in Baton Rouge Can Help After an Injury

Of all the accidents that can happen in an industrial setting, those that involve scaffolding are some of the most serious. If you have been injured, it is not always easy to determine who is liable for paying the damages you need to make a full recovery. At Big River Trial Attorneys, our Baton Rouge industrial accident lawyer will conduct an investigation and gather evidence to determine who is at fault for the losses you sustained. We will also inform you of your legal options so you obtain the full compensation you deserve. Call us now at (225) 963-9638 or contact us online to request a free consultation and to learn more.

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