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What do you charge for a Personal Injury case?

One of the most common questions I get from people who’ve been hurt in car wrecks is, “What do you charge?” It’s easy to understand why. Many people have a preconceived notion that working with a lawyer will be expensive, and that there will be several fees to pay up front. That’s simply not the case. In the world of personal injury, there is usually no attorney fee unless you win.

While the actual fee can vary, we typically charge a rate of 33% if your case settles before trial and 40% if your case goes to trial. If you work with our law firm, you’re guaranteed to make more money than your attorney, so that you can pay your medical bills, make up for lost wages, pay for your vehicle repair or a new vehicle, as well as be properly compensated for your pain and suffering.

Why Is There a Difference in Fees Between Trials that Settle and Trials that Go to Court?

In the real world, the legal industry is much more different than how it is portrayed on TV, where every lawyer and every case makes it to a courtroom. In actuality, most lawsuits are settled before they ever make it to a jury. When you’re injured in a Baton Rouge car wreck because of another careless driver’s actions, it’s in that driver’s insurance company’s best interest to settle out of court – so they can avoid the costs of using their expensive attorneys to work on your case.

Because going to trial is so expensive for insurance companies, many of them will try to settle your case out of court. My job as your Baton Rouge injury attorney is to make sure they are offering you a fair deal – one that fully helps to compensate you for your damages and one that will set you up for a better future – especially if you’ve suffered injuries that you’ll be incurred for several years or the rest of your life.

However, the insurance companies don’t care about your medical bills, lost wages, vehicle damage or pain and suffering. They only care about paying out as little to you as possible. Because of this, sometimes they offer a settlement which, based on years of research, experience and case study, I might feel is too low for your particular situation. If this occurs, I will recommend we take the extra step of going to trial, which will involve a lot more work in terms of preparing the case and witnesses, jury selection, and presenting the case before the jury. That is why I charge an extra fee for cases that go to trial.

How Do I Pay My Attorney?

Because my payment as a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney is based on your winnings, you pay me from the money that you get from the insurance companies. There’s no upfront fees, no hidden charges and no expectation for you to put forth a single penny until you’ve received your check from the insurance companies.

If you’ve been injured in a Baton Rouge car wreck, you’re much more likely to receive fair winnings if you’re represented by an experienced personal injury attorney like myself. Call me today for a free consultation at (225) 963-9638.

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