Tips For Riding A Bike In Louisiana

bicycle riding in Lousiana

Many people are using bicycles to get around these days because it is good for your health as well as great for the environment. Biking allows you to take enjoyment from the outdoors and be healthy. However, you still have to be careful and safe on the road. When you mix bicycling with a busy […]

Do I Have to Use the Body Shop the Insurance Company Wants me to Use?

body shop

If you’re in a car wreck in Louisiana, and have damages to your car, the insurance company of the at-fault party may be telling you to go to a specific body shop that they contract with, saying that you’ll get “preferred service” through them. But what if you already know of a reputable body shop […]

What Does Louisiana’s “No Pay/No Play” Law Mean?

no pa - no play

When it comes to making sure that you pay your car insurance, the state of Louisiana is serious. In fact, the state has enacted a law commonly referred to as “no Pay/No Play.” What this means is that if you fall on hard times and are unable to pay for car insurance, or accidentally miss […]