Client Support Specialist

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I am a Client Support Specialist at Big River Trial Attorneys. Building relationships with clients and understanding their needs is my ultimate goal. Thanks to my studies in the field of Business Administration at Universidad Católica de Salta, I have come to know the requirements of successful Customer Care and match them with the perfect solution to clients’ problems. Native to Argentina, I am is fluent in Spanish and always willing to provide a helping hand when needed. I have been a client specialist for over 4 years now. My dedication and track record of positive results have garnered my experience with all sorts of clients and situations in all types of industries.

Prior to working with Big River Trial Attorneys, I helped clients from Coca-Cola Company and Accenture. My hope is to use my skills and abilities to make your work life just a little bit easier. I am a driven and enthusiastic professional with a passion for customer service and positive results.

  • Universidad Católica de Salta – Business Administration

Direct: (225) 407-0777

Email: maria@bigriverlaw.com
Maria Aimar, Client Support Specialist at Big River Trial Attorneys