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Have You Been Hurt at Work?

If you’ve been injured on the job, you should contact an experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation lawyer to review your case.  Your employer and its insurance company will likely refer you to a doctor of their choosing, but you have a right to choose your doctor. There are also strict deadlines in workers’ compensation cases and failure to comply with the deadlines and requirements of Louisiana’s workers’ compensation system can result in delay or rejection of your injury claim.

Likewise, failure to understand your legal rights and the compensation to which you are entitled can result in a reduction or denial of claim benefits. You cannot rely upon your employer to look out for your best interests. The system is adversarial — insurance companies and their doctors are as likely to be watching their own bottom line as they are to be concerned about your current and future wellbeing.

Lost Wages and Medical Benefits

Lost wages are available for those who are temporarily or permanently disabled. Typically, this amounts to two-thirds of your lost wages up to a maximum amount set by law. This would include two-thirds of the difference between your current and former wages in the event an injury forces you to take a lesser position.  You are also entitled to full payment of medical benefits. However, because you are often at the mercy of the doctor the insurance company choses, fighting for the treatment and benefits you need to make a full recovery often requires the assistance of an experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney.

Disability Rating in Louisiana Workers’ Comp Cases

A disability rating is used to establish compensation for permanent injury. Understanding how these rating impact your benefits is vital when it comes to defending your claim. Different injuries and ratings will result in different benefit entitlements. While ratings for some injuries are predefined, such as extremity ratings, others are not listed under the law and require a doctor’s determination, sometimes called a “whole person” rating.

Re-Opening a workers’ compensation case – Appeal of a Denial

Re-opening your case is possible under specific circumstances and an appeal before an Administrative Law judge is also possible. Both should be done with the help of an experienced Louisiana workers’ compensation attorney. Having an attorney at the outset can help ensure your claim is properly processed the first time. Still, under certain circumstances, such as the worsening of a medical condition, re-opening your workers’ compensation case can result in the award of additional benefits.

Dependency & Death Benefits in Louisiana

When a worker is killed on the job, dependents are entitled to death benefits. There are also circumstances under which dependents are entitled to death benefits when a workers’ compensation recipient passes away. This includes when a recipient passes away from natural causes, such as a heart attack. This is true for partial dependents as well as a widow or widower, who may be entitled to benefits for life, or until remarriage.

Choosing a Baton Rouge Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Experience counts when it comes to fighting for the rights of injured employees.  As an experienced Baton Rouge workers’ compensation attorney, Big River Trial Attorneys has represented people in workers’ compensation claims since 2007. 

Big River Trial Attorneys can help you to get the benefits you deserve if you have been injured in a work accident. Our Baton Rouge workers’ compensation attorneys have assisted clients with claims throughout Southeast Louisiana.

If you need assistance with your work-injury and resulting claim for workers’ comp benefits, contact us today at (225) 963-9638 for a free consultation to learn how we can help.


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