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Car Accidents from Dangerous Road Conditions

Car accidents are often attributed to negligence and carelessness of other drivers on the road, but what many people do not realize is that bad road conditions can be just as responsible for serious car accidents. The usual personal injury case after a car accident involves individuals seeking compensation from an insurance company or the negligent driver. However, certain causes of car accidents, like accidents caused by poorly built roads, can warrant additional compensation from the Department of Transportation and Development. Talk to a Louisiana auto accident lawyer if you have questions about this process. 

Common Types of Bad Road Conditions

There are various examples of bad road conditions that cannot all be summed up here. The main ones include large potholes, damaged or missing road signs, icy road conditions, unclear driving lanes, hazardous road construction, and physical damage to the road. Some road designs can even be considered unsafe in court if enough evidence is found. 

Unexpected potholes can make individuals suddenly lose control of their vehicles. Potholes alone were correlated with $3 billion dollars lost every year for property damage.

Unclear lanes and road signs can confuse drivers and make them perform driving behaviors that could put them at risk. For example, a stop sign damaged beyond recognition or a faulty stoplight system can cause cars to not stop when they need to, which can lead to collisions. 

Construction workers who fail to put up adequate detour, construction, and warning signs to divert traffic away from unsafe road conditions may be considered negligent.

Physical damage to the road like deep dips, unlevel ground, and lack of guardrails can also pose risks for drivers on these roads. 

How Bad Road Conditions Happen

Bad road conditions can happen for several reasons, one of which is a lack of funding or maintenance. Around one-fifth of roads in the United States are considered to be in poor conditions. When it comes to bridges, 9 percent of them have been deemed deficient in terms of their structure.

Part of recovering the damages you suffered from these poor road conditions involves collecting evidence. An experienced lawyer can help you figure out what evidence you need to prove your claim. Insurance companies and other parties will try to push back with their own arguments and evidence. Having a lawyer at your side may increase your chances of a successful lawsuit. 

Seeking a Multi-Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Louisiana

Depending on what the road conditions were like when the car accident occurred, you may be able to obtain additional compensation from the Department of Transportation. You do not need to settle for less. A Louisiana car accident lawyer can work with you to figure out what steps need to be taken for your case. You may be eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and lost wages.  

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