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What Can I Do If My Co-Worker Caused My Injuries?

In most workplace accident situations that result in injuries, an employee informs the employer, so the employee can receive worker’s compensation. Since worker’s compensation is a no-fault system, no one in the workplace will be sued when worker’s compensation is accepted. However, you may be wondering if this the same in situations where your injuries were caused by a co-worker. Maybe your co-worker dropped a heavy object on your foot or failed to safely operate a machine. Talking to a Louisiana personal injury lawyer can help you figure out your options in these types of situations. 

Prevalence and Causes of Workplace Injuries

Around 321,000 workplace deaths happen each year. The causes of workplace accidents vary by the type of job, amount of work experience, and general workplace conditions or safety rules. With physically demanding jobs, there are several ways a workplace injury can occur.

Common examples of what can lead to workplace injuries are forceful actions with machinery or tools, awkward positions when working with heavy objects or machines, high temperatures, working high above the ground, and job tasks that involve repetitive movements. Lifting heavy objects is a common precursor to workplace injuries caused by other employees. If one employee helping you carry a heavy object slips up, you may suffer an injury as a result. 

Other factors associated with workplace injuries are time pressures and low supervisor support. A lack of organization can greatly affect worker safety, productivity, and the workplace environment. Disorganized equipment can increase frustration, which can increase mistakes. 

Can I File a Lawsuit Against a Third Party?

Usually, workplace accidents are only covered by worker’s compensation, a type of program designed to offer money to people injured on the job to cover medical expenses and lost wages. However, there are rare circumstances when you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against a third-party involved with the accident. 

The third-party has to be someone who is not your employer or co-worker for the lawsuit to be filed. In other words, you cannot technically sue a co-worker or your boss because worker’s compensation laws are supposed to cover your damages. An example of a situation in which you could sue someone outside the workplace would be if a machine malfunction caused your injuries. This would allow you to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer of that machine. 

Looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Louisiana

Struggling with serious injuries and lost wages after a workplace accident can be frustrating, especially if your injuries resulted in disabilities. If this happened to you, try talking to a Baton Rouge personal injury attorney who can help you figure out what your legal options are in your current situation. Depending on what caused the accident, you may be eligible for additional compensation from outside the workplace.  

To take the first step, contact Big River Trial Attorneys at (225) 963-9638 for a free case consultation today. We will work with you to help you earn the compensation you need to fully recover.

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