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What To Do After Getting In Bicycle Accident In Louisiana

Riding a bike is not only a lot of fun but it’s a great physical activity. There are also lots of people who ride a bike as an economical option to costly gas-guzzling automobiles. Riding a bike has lots of benefits rather than driving a car, but it can be risky.

Bicycle collisions take place frequently and when they do occur, they can cause grave injuries to the rider. Most severe injuries take place when a vehicle moving at a speed of 40 MPH or quicker strikes a bicyclist, but serious injury can occur at any speed.

The most typical injuries that a bicyclist receive are fractures, trauma to the head, back and neck injuries, internal injury, as well as bruises and cuts. Head injuries can include everything from a moderate concussion to something as serious as a traumatic brain injury.

Here’s what you should do right after a bicycle accident:

Contact the authorities:

You should always report the accident. The police will study the accident, talk to witnesses and create an accident report.

Go to the emergency room:

It is vital that you obtain medical care following a bicycle accident, even if you are not in pain. There can be an internal injury that may be severe in addition to other injuries that might not be obvious right away.

Talk to an attorney:

An attorney experienced with bicycle accident injuries will be able to help you understand your rights and what claims you may have. A negligent party is responsible for medical costs and property damages that resulted from the collision.

Avoiding Bike Accidents

Preventing an accident is the greatest way to be unharmed on a bike. Both bicyclists and car drivers are responsible for being safe on the road. Bicycles need to obey the rules of the road just as well as automobiles. Bicycle riders need to always move along with traffic and they also need to be at the far-right side of the street. Additionally, if there is a bike lane, vehicle motorists must not be in it.

Bike riders need to follow traffic signals and as well, and they always need to use hand signals for any turn or stop. Car drivers must watch out for bike riders and be aware of them at intersections. Bike riders need to wear a helmet and protective gear, this includes the right footwear as well as reflective clothing when riding at night.

Helmets can safeguard a head from a severe injury during a crash. Head injuries are a common serious bicycle injury and can be fatal. If you wear a helmet you will lessen the seriousness of the collision.

If a bicyclist is hurt in a collision with a motorized vehicle, the injured person might be due compensation. If the vehicle driver was negligent, the injured victim may be owed recompense for medical costs, pain and suffering, lost wages, and property damage.

You Need An Accident Lawyer In Louisiana

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